Jewelry Basics – 8 Must Have Items

Posted on 4th September 2020
Do you get confused on what kind of jewelry you should have? If you feel overwhelmed when shopping for jewelry then this video is for you because Carrie will give you 8 must have pieces every woman should have in her jewelry collection for a well functioning wardrobe. Accessories are the icing on the cake and make your outfit look polished and complete so learning what to have is key.

5 Style Hacks to Look Instantly Slimmer

Posted on 29th August 2020
5 style Hacks to look instantly slimmer. In this video you will learn to instantly look slimmer in your clothes with some easy style hacks. If you have struggle feeling a little frumpy or have gained the “Covid 15” pounds this is a great video to learn some style tips and tricks to help you feel skinny next time you look in the mirror. Carrie will teach you 5 things you can do with clothes you already have in your closet so you every time you get dressed you look good and feel good. Feeling good in your clothes is key in feeling confident and there are some easy things you can do to help.

Self Tanner – Pros and Cons of my favorites. In this video you will learn pros and cons of my favorite self tanning products to help you decide which would be best for you. If you use self tanners, this video is for you because Carrie tells you all about her favorite products from St. Tropez, Fake Bake and Vita Librata plus what she loves about them and what she doesn’t like. Many of us had a bad experience with self tanning so learn before you buy that way you are guaranteed a great fake tan!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 – Stylist Top Picks. In this video you will discover Carrie’s top picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale plus some shopping tips. If you have ever wanted to shop the Nordstrom Sale with a personal shopper this video is for you. Carrie will show you some of her favorite sale items. If you need a closet refresh for fall this Nordstrom sale is not to be missed. If shopping isn’t your thing or you don’t have time to preview the entire catalog check out some of Carrie’s top wardrobe picks for your fall 2020 wardrobe.

How to clean your sunglasses 5 tips from a style expert. In this video you will discover tips from a style expert on how to care for your sunglasses. Because our sunglasses are a main accessory on our face we want to make sure they always look great. It’s so easy to scratch or stretch out your sunglasses so they no longer look good. In this Video Carrie gives you easy tips and things to avoid so that your everyday fashion accessory looks great every time you put them on.

Interesting color Combination – finding outfit inspiration. In this video you will discover great places to search to get inspired to make outfits using interesting color combinations. Did you know that adding fun color combinations is one of the easiest ways to make fun and interesting outfits? But mixing color and making fun color combinations doesn’t come easy for everyone so Carrie gives you 5 ideas to get you started and get you inspired. Learn to give your outfits a pop with great color combinations.

Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear – ideas from a stylist! If you stand in front of your closet and look inside at a full closet and think to yourself “I have all these clothes and nothing to wear!” then this video is for you. Did you know that on average women only wear 20% of the clothes in their closet and the other 80% just hangs there taking up space and creating closet confusion? It’s true…in this video Carrie LaShell with Such Savvy Style will give you some style advice and fashion tips on how to review your closet so that you wear more of your clothes and feel less like you have nothing to wear. If you want to wear all the clothes in your closet use these fashion tips to dive into your closet and make it a place you love to be.

Mid Season Summer Closet Review – What hasn’t been worn! Do you have clothes that you love that you still haven’t worn yet this summer? If this is you, this video will give you some style tips to review your summer closet now so some of your favorite summer pieces don’t get overlooked. Carrie LaShell with Such Savvy Style will give you some style advice on how to review your closet so you have outfits to wear next week with some of your summertime favorites. Don’t allow fall to arrive and miss out pulling out a great summer purse, or miss out on wearing a favorite summer dress because you don’t have the right outer layer.

What to wear to a 4th of July BBQ

Posted on 3rd July 2020
What to wear to a 4th of July BBQ! Are you going to a small social distancing 4th of July BBQ and feel like you have nothing to wear ? If this is you, this video will give you 5 easy style ideas and fashion tips to look and feel great if you are headed to a 4th of July BBQ. Carrie LaShell with Such Savvy Style will give you some style advice on how to look cute if you love or if you hate red, white and blue. If you need some ideas on putting together cute outfits for this weekend’s BBQ so you show up with great summer style don’t miss this video.

How to make a face mask fashionable

Posted on 26th June 2020
How to make a face mask fashionable. Do you hate wearing a mask? If you dread wearing a face mask but know you have you don’t want to miss this video. Carrie will give you fashion and style tips on how to make your face mask part of your outfit. Learn to make this new face accessory into something more enjoyable by making it part of putting together an outfit. If you change your mindset you may find it fun to come up with great new outfits with your face mask.